Carmelo Anthony’s stats get much worse closer you look

Carmelo anthony stats nikon ais lenses ebay The primary presumption in New York is that the Knicks have to keep Anthony because he is a rare talent belonging to the Mount Rushmore of contemporary scorers. After all, Anthony has scored nearly 20,000 points in his career and appeared in the All-Star game seven times. He is clearly perceived to be a star. [PUNIQGOOGLESNIPMIX-1

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Has played on 14 USA Basketball teams, appeared in 85 games and compiled 1265 points 14. In the U. Member of the 2016 U. Shot 39. Against Australia on Aug.

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His expression — eyes staring ahead, lips slightly puckered, nostrils flaring — said enough about his emotions on this night. It was the most difficult of his 23 field goals against the Charlotte Bobcats, but that was all relative, really.

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