I'm A Christian, But My Boyfriend Doesn't Believe In God

Dating someone who doesnt believe in god are the actors from 50 shades of grey dating Unless, of course, his faith pulls you away from yours. Decide how important your faith is to you O, the deep deep love freedom grace healing power forgiveness light life depth of Jesus! I would choose my faith — my relationship with God, Son, and Holy Spirit — over any of my relationships, any day of the week. I love God with all my heart and soul…and I am so grateful for Jesus. My husband Bruce was raised Catholic; I was raised Christian mostly at an Apostolic Church, but my mom has schizophrenia so we moved around a lot and none of the foster homes I was in took me to church. [PUNIQGOOGLESNIPMIX-1

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In my experience, it was both. Some years ago, I found the love of my life. I had recently left the mission field, where my job was to convince people that Jesus loved them.

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My Boyfriend (of 8 Years) Doesn't Believe in God

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