Dreamhack announces an official female CS: GO tournament

Female csgo reddit albany craigslist dating February 17th, 2019 Vaevictis Esports announced an all-female roster last week and the girls have heavily lost their first three matches in the League of Legends Continental League LCL. Management describes the team's formation as an 'experiment' to see how they will fare in the league, however from early indications it seems to be nothing more than a publicity stunt that could dent the players' confidence, argues Esports News UK editor Dom Sacco in this opinion piece. First off. this story might not involve a UK team, but there's a few reasons why I'm covering this. The announcement of this team drew several comments from the UK League community and sparked a separate debate on sexism in esports. Diversity in esports or lack thereof is an important topic and one I haven't written about in a while, and after watching this team get beaten in their first three matches, I felt inclined to write something. [PUNIQGOOGLESNIPMIX-1

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Video game development lies pretty high up on the totem pole of nerd-dom, which makes it a rarefied space at the outset. Finding out about women involved in this niche, therefore, tends to be a novelty that generally goes down well with gamers. Trust the internet to make anything weird. To know more about the featured gamers, click on their mugshots.

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