18 Rock Solid Book Marketing Strategies for 2018

Free book marketing plan template how do i cancel my subscription to clover dating app Promoting a book without a plan is like driving across the country without a map or a navigation system. Marketing plans come in all shapes and sizes. Yours can be written out in a document or developed as a checklist of tasks. I prefer the checklist format because marketing is task-driven. It requires consistent, ongoing action to reach your audience. [PUNIQGOOGLESNIPMIX-1

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What should I consider when creating a marketing plan? It is important to write down several specifics in this plan. For whom did you write it? Identifying the competition. You can use the competitive book market to your advantage.

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But it can also be confusing. That's why I've broken down the process into 3 phases and given you a guide for each step. So, enjoy it for free. Check Success of Other Books . Use this tool to see how well other books are doing so as to guess at how much money you could potentially make.

This will give you an idea. But my next books did much better. Engagement from Scratch!

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