Jerry.K Directly Responds To San E’s “Feminist” With Diss Track “No You Are Not”

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Testimonials. Below are a series of testimonials from officers and agents that were previously in the military and transitioned into positions at CBP. CBP has allowed me to continue to serve in a uniformed, goal orientated atmosphere that respects my status as a veteran. I have found a place where my skills and experiences are not only welcomed but desired.

San E - FEMINIST & 6.9cm Mansplained by a Korean

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Paul Leonard-Morgan - Judgment Time. Paul Leonard Morgan - The Plan. Paul Leonard-Morgan - Slo-Mo. Paul Leonard-Morgan - Apocalyptic Wasteland. Paul Leonard-Morgan - Bad Judges.

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[MV] 산이, 매드클라운(San E, Mad Clown) _ 못먹는 감(Sour Grapes)

Ultimate Guide to the Korean Military Enlistment

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