The Best Films of Sundance 2019

Sundance 2019 films to see 80s dating video song But this year, Redford made something clear. He no longer needs to be in the spotlight. After a brief introduction, he stepped aside at the opening press conference. The Farewell dramatizes an incredible personal story, one that Wang told on an episode of This American Life . Her grandmother is diagnosed with a terminal illness, and her extended family decides to keep the news secret from the matriarch during a big reunion. The script is packed with mundanely funny observations, its family dynamics are keenly observed, and Wang is a confident presence behind the camera, playing her intergenerational ensemble off one another and rarely resorting to impassioned speeches to make her points. [PUNIQGOOGLESNIPMIX-1

Typically held in late January in Park City, Utah, the festival offers a glimpse of the year's hits to come. In anticipation of the festival, which starts tomorrow January 24 and runs through February 3, we've rounded up the 16 most-anticipated films from this year's festival lineup—plus five under-the-radar offerings that just might steal the show. However, early buzz about Efron's chilling depiction of infamous murderer, Ted Bundy—not to mention Lily Collins' performance as Bundy's longtime girlfriend, Elizabeth Kloepfer—suggests that this film may be best watched during daylight hours. So for artist Rashid Johnson to pick the novel as the subject of his debut feature film—starring Moonlight breakout Ashton Sanders as a modern-day Bigger—is a bold statement all on its own.

Best Films of Sundance 2019: 'Extremely Wicked,' 'Late Night', & More! - THR

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Deadline Studio at Sundance 2019 - The Farewell

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