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Who is anthony kiedis currently dating dating a russian man yahoo He has recorded 11 studio albums with the band and, alongside Flea, has remained the only permanent member of a group which has regularly shed guitarists — notably John Frusciante — and drummers throughout their evolution. In 2004, he published his autobiography which detailed a number of his frequent sexual encounters and his addiction to drugs. My father was very flower-to-flower-to-flower in his nature. Although I never wanted to be like that, sometimes you end up that way anyway. Really I want something different. [PUNIQGOOGLESNIPMIX-1

Share Anthony Kiedis has some wild stories to tell. From an unconventional upbringing by his father to his life-long battle of heroin and cocaine addiction, to his insane on-stage theatrics, Kiedis never ceases to shock his fans and critics alike. Read on to see some of Kiedis, as told by the singer in his autobiography Scar Tissue, wildest and craziest stories. 1.

Anthony Kiedis' Family: 3 Half-Siblings And A Son

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Many fans are keen to know more about him especially those who read his autobiography titled, Scar Tissue which talked about how he struggled with cocaine addiction and some other personal details. Let us find out more about this American rock singer.

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Anthony Kiedis And Supermodel Girlfriend Helena Vestergaard Shop Healthy

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