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50 cent on talk show should i send my crush a friend request Things got off with a bang when the rapper let an errant cork fly in the studio. Cent's first flirtation with the beverage biz. He previously held a minority stake in Effen vodka. Ancient Roman Wine Ship Takes Spill; Wreck Discovered 2,000 Years Later There's a sad truth behind most wine archaeology. It means that someone, at some point over the eons, did not get to drink their wine. A new discovery off coast of Port-Vendres, a town in France near the Spanish border, confirms those ancient imbibers were not to receive their wine, at least not from the ship that came to rest on the Mediterranean floor at a site called Cap Gros sometime between 50 B. The ARESMAR team wrapped up its two-year site study of the Cap Gros wreck this month; fragments of a wooden hull found in early August clarify the picture of the ship, a small-ish cargo vessel about 50 feet long. [PUNIQGOOGLESNIPMIX-1

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When did you guys decided to kill off Kanan? You see, we slated the show to go seven seasons initially, because we created it with the success of The Sopranos in mind. It also changes Tariq and Tasha in different perspectives as everything starts to spin out of control.

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He's taken his rivalries with other celebrities next level, putting them on blast on social media. The 43-year-old rapper has kicked off with former friends and foes alike -- from his dislike of boxer Floyd Mayweather to his trolling of fellow rapper Ja Rule, nobody is immune. In the past week alone, he's reignited his feud with Ja Rule and singer Ashanti. They were later cleared of all charges but the damage was done in Fiddy and 42-year-old Ja Rule's relationship, with the pair throwing shade at each other on social media ever since.

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А Чуна - городок, в котором я 10 лет жил - после этой передачи меня освистала. За то, что я сказал в эфире, что я из Иркутска, а не из Чуны. Моя мама там живет и мои первые педагоги, у которых я брал уроки вокала.