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Adopt a family for christmas los angeles travel guide dating site Since the beginning of the program, more than 47,000 families have been adopted. This year, the Adopt A Family program will connect donors with more than 1,600 families recommended by Costa Mesa and Santa Ana organizations and schools. Advertisement To participate, SOS asks that donors agree to provide each child in the family with at least two new gifts and the family with a complete holiday dinner or grocery gift cards or provide just gifts. Wednesday is the last day to adopt a family. [PUNIQGOOGLESNIPMIX-1

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Hillside Main Menu Adopt a family for the holidays The holidays introduce yet other stressors as families struggle to meet the expectations created by a commercialized society that emphasizes material possessions as the ideal expression of familial care. For many of the families we serve, simple things like satisfying a request for a specific toy requires a balancing of absolute priorities such as food and rent against the expectation of a child to receive a toy for Christmas. For most of us, the issue is not purchasing a toy, but rather how many to buy. However, for these families, the issue is having the resources to do anything at all. All of our efforts with these families are focused on preventing them from becoming homeless.

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