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Alec baldwin dating hilaria online dating christelijk When Basinger filed for divorce in 2001, it was her own dad who told People magazine the actor's "anger" caused Basinger to pull the plug on their relationship. A bitter custody battle over their daughter, Ireland Baldwin, fueled the tabloid fodder , and it apparently took some time for everyone to emotionally heal from the years-long litigation. Eventually, Alec picked up the pieces and found love again in 2011 with yoga aficionado and Extra TV correspondent Hilaria Thomas Baldwin. They wed in June 2012, and Alec's life would never be the same. [PUNIQGOOGLESNIPMIX-1

The yoga instructor explained that although Alec asked her out the first time they met, he took things slow from the get-go. Just like any other woman dating a new guy, she would tell her girlfriends about their dates including the lack of a good-night kiss for weeks! She never really thought about his star power at that point, and instead focused on growing their relationship. These days, of course, she visits Alec on set with kids in tow sometimes and has fully embraced being in his spotlight.

Yoga Guru Hilaria Thomas: Thighs

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