Amy Duggar And Husband Dillon King Expecting First Child

Amy duggar king million dollar agent brokering the dream Share The Duggar family knows a little something about having babies. And it's not just Michelle and Jim Bob Duggar's children who are enjoying a sweet little baby boom these days; their cousin Amy Duggar King is also pregnant with her first child and she couldn't be more excited. Amy Duggar's new baby bump pic is her most joyous one yet, perhaps because she's finally at the halfway point to meeting her new little one. Amy and her husband Dillon King, who were married in 2015, announced to People magazine that they were expecting their first child back in April. The 3130 clothing boutique owner told the media outlet at the time that, while she was missing her favorite fast food Chick-Fil-A while trying to eat healthier during her pregnancy, it was all worth it. [PUNIQGOOGLESNIPMIX-1

The untold truth of Amy Duggar Getty Images Sam Patrick Everything was going very well for Amy Duggar until around 2015, when the news broke that her cousin Josh had molested five underage girls. The scandal created a fissure within the ultra-conservative Christian family, with Amy, the more liberal Duggar, encouraged to pick a side. To that point, Amy had played lead in two spinoff episodes of her family's hit TLC reality show, 19 and Counting. Her star was rising in Nashville as a young country music singer, and she'd already begun dating her now husband, Dillon King—even though their pre-marital canoodling violated the strict Duggar family courtship rules side-hugs only. Amy and Dillon are now cast members of WE tv's reality show Marriage Boot Camp, dropping a bombshell before the first episode even aired.

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