The Very Best Dad Jokes to Bring on the Groans

Best dad jokes about dating high maintenance episodes wiki So read on, and enjoy—and make sure to send them to your own dad. Best dad jokes to tell any time. Too close for comfort food! What concert costs just 45 cents? [PUNIQGOOGLESNIPMIX-1

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Cheesy jokes. They might not be the kind of jokes you hear comedians spilling in front of the microphone, but they are the perfect way to cheer up your friends when they have had a bad day or to break the ice when you meet someone new. After all, nothing is better than a sense of humor. Prove you can laugh at yourself and laugh at the world around you. It will make you a more entertaining, fun person to be around.

Best dad jokes ever ( IMPOSSIBLE not to laugh)

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Dad Jokes - Alexa & Katie - Netflix

Vijai Nathan's comedic take on dating, dancing, and dad jokes

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