Top 5 Romantic Things to do In Jacksonville on Valentine's Day

Best date locations in jacksonville dating guys in their mid 20s Well, we've got five great options for your next night on the town in Jacksonville with your special someone. Paint a Pot A great way to have a crafty experience together is to go to a paint-a-pot shop that lets you paint your own designs onto pottery, then fires it for you. It's a fun idea for commemorating an anniversary -- you can both paint plates with images that represent your relationship to you. There are several good options in Jacksonville for doing this; we recommend either Pottery Works on Baymeadows Rd. Both locations offer great variety in the objects you can choose to paint, and both will let you bring your favorite drink in with you to heighten the experience. [PUNIQGOOGLESNIPMIX-1

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While dinner or a movie are great for a quite night every once in a while, if done too often, it can become boring. With so many activities surrounding our town, why not mix date night up a bit. Beaches Museum and History Park Act like a tourist! Explore art, history and even live musicians at the Beaches Museum and History Park. As well as offering extensive history of the beaches, the museum also has new exhibits every few months.

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