The 12 Best First Date Places in Metro Manila

Best dating place in quezon city rochester single events Quezon Memorial Circle Image source. primer. A number of museums, restaurants, and activity spaces in the area also offer a ton of variety to suit all tastes. The government is also currently investing quite heavily in the area, with a future MRT station currently being built on the premises, and a number of beautification projects currently underway. [PUNIQGOOGLESNIPMIX-1

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Or if you do share that sentiment, hopefully this list would convince you otherwise. Living in busy, on-the-go Manila can feel overwhelming to say the least, but if you know where to look, the city is rife with avenues, corners, and nooks fit for romance. Try going on lesser-known dates that serve as a breath of fresh air from crowded malls, expensive restaurants, and monotonous Netflix and chill sessions. Besides immersing in a different setting, you can have a delightful time learning about your date, too—and you can do so in a light-hearted and unassuming fashion that would put the Before Sunrise trilogy to shame.

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Date Ideas Philippines: MOVIE STARS CAFE at Centris with Yogo and Cream