The 30 Best Entrance Songs in the UFC

Best entrance music ever casual dating erfahrungsbericht Baseball is gearing up for its postseason, football is officially in full swing, pucks are being dropped in the hockey preseason and basketball practice gyms nationwide are finally seeing their doors creaked open. And for us sports fans who can't turn off the musical part of our brain, this time of the year means one thing above all else. a steady diet of jock jams. What is a jock jam? Well, in the '90s it was whatever ESPN defined it as for the purposes of their series of Jock Jams compilations . Most often, hip-hop-flavored dance-pop bangers which implicitly and sometimes explicitly promoted physical movement of any and all kinds. [PUNIQGOOGLESNIPMIX-1

Page 2 When the needle drops... Although there are a lot of great songs that have great intros, in certain cases, the opening bars of a track become so instantly recognisable and iconic that they transcend the song that spawned them. We're talking about intros that don't just encourage but compel you to keep listening, either because they build anticipation and lead into something great, or they're just so damn hooky that, even if you did turn them off, they'd still be in your head two days later.

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Best Hero Entry Scenes

best songs to walk on stage to

RUSH - Best intro EVER!!!!!!!!!!