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Beverly hills 90210 cast dating dating more than one person persona 5 For the cast of 90210, though, they learned about the show getting canceled from Twitter. But the news still came as a surprise to everyone involved with the production. We are very proud of the West Beverly High alumni. Spelling demanded equal pay, but the network refused. This resulted in her almost not appearing on the show. [PUNIQGOOGLESNIPMIX-1

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Share on Reddit reddit Before Shannen Doherty's difficult behaviour made working with her an impossibility, there was another bad girl doing the rounds on Beverly Hills, 90210. Emily Valentine remains one of the show's most iconic characters more than two decades after the show's heyday. Introduced into the fold during season two of the show, she was everything the ritzy kids of Beverly Hills were not. she rode a motorcycle, sported a peroxide-shock of blonde hair, slipped the pious Brendan Walsh Jason Priestley ecstasy, stalked him, and had a public meltdown which involved matches, lighter fluid, and a homecoming float. However, as Christine Elise who played the iconic character recounts, there was a lot more drama off camera.

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Here are some behind the scenes stories and scandals that are almost salacious enough to be plot lines on Beverly Hills, 90210. Fox asked him to write a series about a high school set in Hollywood. Just over two weeks later, he turned in a pilot script for a show he called Class of Beverly Hills so almost set in Hollywood then. Fox executives liked the show, but not the title. It was Fox president Barry Diller who suggested dropping the "Class of" and adding in the zip code.

December 21, 2018 Fox Network Dust off your scrunchies and bust out your babydoll dresses. the original gang from Beverly Hills, 90210 is coming back! Anyone who was alive during the 1990s probably watched at least one episode of Beverly Hills, 90210. A precursor to Gossip Girl , The O.

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You name it! There was probably an episode arc about it. Let's investigate who spilled the proverbial Beverly Hills beans as we explore dark secrets the cast of Beverly Hills, 90210 tried to hide.