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Bfbs rewind playlist good pick up lines online dating sites He appeared very briefly in the second series set in 1945, the first series being set in 1928 of The Flaxton Boys playing the part of Captain Ewing in the episode called, "Is Your Journey Really Necessary? Radio 1 career He began his radio broadcasting career in Denmark in 1965. He presented this show from 1 October 1972 to 26 March 1978 - initially it was a three-hour show from 4 p. [PUNIQGOOGLESNIPMIX-1

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Terry Wogan moved to breakfast in 1972 when he took over the 7. In 1978, he had a surprise chart hit with his voiceover to the 'floral dance'. Terry first did the voiceover for fun on his breakfast show, but it became so popular with listeners he released it as a single! Deep voiced Simon Bates joined the station from Radio 4 and was the presenter of the early show from March 1974 until January 1976 during which period he also presented Late Night Extra and Folk '74.

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