The 4 Basic Facts Every Woman In India Should Know About Abortion

Buzzfeed india facts divorced dating a widower The two Los Angeles—based actors had started a channel in which they reacted to popular Hollywood movie and TV show trailers — already a popular genre on YouTube — last September, but nearly four months in, it was sputtering along at best. Their videos reacting to trailers of films like Captain Marvel, Creed II, Aladdin, and Bird Box were getting anywhere between a few hundred to a couple of thousand views. Then, one of their subscribers requested their reaction to the trailer of Gully Boy, a hotly anticipated Bollywood movie about a street rapper in Mumbai. They started recording and hit play on Gully Boy. Yet within 24 hours, their Gully Boy trailer reaction had 50,000 views; the comments flooded in with Indian viewers cheering them on. [PUNIQGOOGLESNIPMIX-1

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The assistant, a 35-year-old woman who cannot be named under Indian law, which protects the anonymity of survivors of sexual assault, told BuzzFeed News from a safe house that Chief Justice Ranjan Gogoi orchestrated a campaign of retaliation against her and her family when she refused his advances last October. She said her life went into freefall after she was transferred multiple times before being fired, culminating in her arrest in March on charges of accepting a bribe, while her husband, an officer in the special branch of the New Delhi police, was suspended on what she said were also false charges. She has been summoned to appear before the court on Friday, where a bench of Supreme Court judges is looking into her allegations of sexual harassment.

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