The Politics Of Wearing A Ring On Your Ring Finger As A Single Person

Can a single woman wear a diamond ring dating apps for aspergers In my family, jewelry was always the go-to gift. This is partially cultural. I'm half-Puerto Rican, which means gold bracelets, chains, and other accessories are standard presents for special occasions. When I was two, my finger got so chubby that my mom had to take me to the jeweler to cut off the ring my grandmother had given me as a baby. [PUNIQGOOGLESNIPMIX-1

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A few months ago, I was given my great grandmother's engagement ring. Since then, I have worn this ring on my left ring finger, which is traditionally reserved for engagement rings and wedding bands. I don't usually wear rings, so it's fairly noticeable that I have this ring on; my wearing of this ring has caused lots of comments from friends and family members who believe I shouldn't wear a ring on the finger reserved for a wedding ring. While not all women who choose to wear a non-wedding ring on their left ring finger may experience these comments, I'm positive I'm not the only one. Stop telling unmarried women they can't wear rings on their left ring finger.

10 Reasons Why Women Love To Wear Diamond Jewelry

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By Sarah Schreiber Jun 7, 2017 Maybe she landed a long-time-coming promotion, bought her first home or graduated from a master's program. Whatever the reason, more and more women are celebrating their biggest special moments by adorning their right ring fingers — that is, not their wedding ring finger — with a little special sparkle.

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The Rings You Wear - Your Middle Finger

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