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Canned heat hallelujah full album dating rpg games for pc Canned Heat was formed in Los Angeles in 1965 by Alan Wilson and Bob Hite, dedicated blues aficionados and record collectors whose knowledge of the history of the blues was at least equal to any distinguished blues scholar of their day. Wilson, on vocals and harmonica, and Hite, on lead vocals, were initially joined by Mike Perlowin on guitar, Stu Brotman on bass and Keith Sawyer on drums. This lineup collapsed shortly after its formation, with Perlowin and Sawyer being replaced by Kenny Edwards and Ron Holmes respectively, the latter agreeing to play on a temporary basis until a permanent drummer could be found. Completing this lineup was Frank Cook, an accomplished drummer whose resume included work with jazz legends Chet Baker and Charlie Haden. [PUNIQGOOGLESNIPMIX-1

The rhythm section has never sounded better; Larry Taylor and Fito de la Parra give the music drive without all the busy stuff you hear from the British blues groups. Henry Vestine is in top form, enhancing his distinction as the only major white-blues guitarist who plays single-string solos that don't sound like some black man named King. Alan Wilson, the most highly-skilled mouth-harp player in rock, opens up some new frontiers for the instrument, and both he and Bob Hite sing movingly.

Canned Heat ‎- Livin' The Blues (Vol.2)

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canned heat future blues

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