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Cast of night class best online dating sites for college students Now that you've enjoyed seven weeks of character creation in The Behaviour I Class, it's time to use your new-found super powers status and attitude skills to dig a little deeper into the human psyche. This is a six week concentrator class with more advanced scenes and a wee bit of camera work thrown in. Students will receive a sample of their work. You are cast in a play, rehearsed for 8 weeks by a professional director, then you and your cast mates give three performances for an audience. [PUNIQGOOGLESNIPMIX-1

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The motley group includes Teddy Hart , a schmoozing sweet-talker whose recent career change demands a high school diploma or equivalent; Jalen Romany Malco , recently unemployed due to advancing technology and still touchy about it; Big Mac Rob Riggle , a dad seeking to inspire his teenage son to finish high school; and Theresa Mary Lynn Rajskub , a hardworking mom going back to school to gain some independence from her domineering husband. Al Madrigal who plays Luis, a Mexican immigrant with a personal vendetta against Teddy , Anne Winters as Mila, who was given a choice between night school and juvie and Fat Joe as Bobby, an inmate who Skypes into class from prison round out the cast. These were established comedians for the most part. We wanted to go after some of the best in the business and folks that could do a variety of things. People that could bring the material on the page to life and add a new flavor to it.

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