‘It’s hard to stop the addiction’: The reasons why people become catfish

Catfish psychology dating nightmares Rather, the act of being catfished. Why and how do people catfish? Let me explain. it is when someone pretends to be someone they are not online to create false identities, often to pursue deceptive online romances. The term originated from a television show called Catfish look more into it here! Catfishing, believe it or not, happens everywhere in our society today, and thanks to the ever-increasing access to the Internet and social media, it is actually very easy to do. [PUNIQGOOGLESNIPMIX-1

One of his students was a fan of a TV show called Catfish , which takes its name from the term used to describe when someone deliberately deceives a person by carrying on an online relationship with them while pretending to be someone else. The relationships are often romantic in nature despite the complete lack of physical contact but at least on one side, are completely duplicitous. She joined and started cultivating relationships, hoping some of them would be willing to participate in a research project. Eventually, Dr Vanman and his student recruited 27 people from around the world who self-identified as catfish to be interviewed and were surprised by what motivated them.

How To Spot A Fake Profile (Catfish)

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Is This the Most Heartless 💔 ‘Catfish’ Ever? - Catfish Catch-Up - MTV

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