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Clea duvall dating 2018 pitfalls of dating a beautiful woman Her new film, The Intervention, chronicles four couples—a group of old friends—on a getaway in Savannah, and what happens when one of the couples finds out the weekend was put together as an intervention for their marriage. It was pretty hilarious. Honestly, I knew I wanted to do it when I read her first draft. I was so relieved that it was good, first of all, because I had to do it whether I liked it or not! Just sort of going with the thing that comes out most naturally. [PUNIQGOOGLESNIPMIX-1

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Ilana has always been open with her sexuality, but in the Feb. Now that Abbi is dating a woman , her new love interest, Leslie Clea DuVall , gifts her a "hideous" yellow, corduroy cap that gives off some serious Wario vibes, but Abbi spends a day wearing it anyway because she doesn't want to hurt Leslie's feelings. Ilana is not one to judge people's personal lives or preferences, but she's visibly taken aback by Abbi's new taste in fashion — and women. Ilana may be skirting around the subject, but the implication here is clear.

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