Photographer Alex Strohl Thinks You Should Plan Your Next Trip on An Actual Map

Cole sprouse photography tips online dating contact numbers Email For eight months out of the year, French photographer Alex Strohl is on the road, taking pictures and chasing water. His Instagram , besides having a dedicated following of nearly 2 million, is overwhelmingly blue. Strohl is the kind of guy, and his are the kind of photos, that make urbanites and homebodies want to renounce their Netflix subscriptions and go chop some wood in the pouring rain. After returning from his latest trip, a no-big-deal expedition up to the dramatic ice caves of Canada with Cole Sprouse and a hefty English bulldog named Mister Bentley , Strohl told us about his secret to memorable trips and the importance of little indulgences, even in the remotest locations. Alex Strohl. I usually start with a map. [PUNIQGOOGLESNIPMIX-1

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Life acts in unexpected ways. From the feedback I got from my photographs taken in the extreme weather conditions around Manhattan the day before, I must have entered a different dimension. My feet were so cold by then. Since the previous day, I had been combing the streets of New York, camera in hand.

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Вот и я отделаюсь дежурными фразами: А что ещё. Возможности горячей замены симок нет - мешает батарея.

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