The 100 Absolute Greatest Dad Jokes Of All Time


Dad jokes 2018 snapchat nick and angie new girl The Sarcastic Sometimes dads are so conversationally witty that they will hit you with a sarcastic response the split second you stop speaking to them. Bonus. You may have a professor who is prolific in sarcastic dad jokes. Dad. Hey hungry! Sometimes the opportunity alone can be too overwhelming or sometimes too exhilarating for them to get the joke out. [PUNIQGOOGLESNIPMIX-1

And while you may be planning to get your dad s a card or a tie or gift certificates to a jazzercise class, let's be real, one of the greatest gifts you could give is outdoing your pops at his very own game. Thankfully, there's a wealth of dad jokes you can use for Father's Day Instagram captions to show the entire internet that you're hip with the dads. As much as we may save our most dramatic uuuuughs for dad jokes, it's hard not to admit they're kind of a beloved mainstay of the internet. Trying to out-dad someone else's dad by telling your dad's worst jokes is as common an internet pastime as saying "I'm going to go to bed" and then scrolling Twitter and Facebook for three hours. And though we'll never tell our dads, some dad jokes really are so terrible they circle back and become incredible.

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Bad Dad Jokes

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My Best (Bad) Dad Jokes & Laughs of 2018

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