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Dating bosnian muslim dating in gandhinagar gujarat Once a shining example of the diversity symbolized by former Yugoslav leader Josip Broz Tito's mantra of "brotherhood and unity," relationships between Muslim Bosniaks, Catholic Croats, and Orthodox Serbs once accounted for about 13 percent of all marriages in Bosnian territory. But the pressure of living in postwar Bosnia, after 100,000 died during the conflict and another 2 million were displaced, has taken its toll on the country's 3. Today, the number of mixed marriages stands at just 4 percent, according to statistics cited by local media. But before the wars that accompanied Yugoslavia's demise, Bosnia was an exception to the rule. Mixed communities among its population -- 40 percent of which is Muslim, 31 percent Bosnian Serb, and 10 percent Bosnian Croat -- were commonplace. [PUNIQGOOGLESNIPMIX-1

Save to wishlist Save to Wishlist Ask any seasoned traveller about their favourite experiences in Bosnia and almost all will describe, to some degree, interactions with the locals. Meeting locals and making friends with them open many doors while giving you insights into their traditions, lifestyle and way of life. Hospitality Most nations around the world have a reputation for being hospitable towards foreigners, especially in less-visited places such as Laos and Azerbaijan. Bosnia is no exception. Sociable One of the legacies of spending four centuries under the Ottomans is the modern day emphasis on drinking coffee for hours on end with friends.

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