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Dating more than one person persona 5 professional dating for over 50s If you're not plugged in with Japanese role-playing games — colloquially referred to as "JRPGs" — then it's easy to miss Persona. The series lacks the mainstream name recognition of a Final Fantasy, and its unusual gameplay isn't easily summed up. Persona is a special series, and this fifth numbered game is doubly so. I'm here to make a case for playing Persona 5, even if you've never touched a JRPG in your life but especially if you have. Just to be clear. this isn't a comprehensive history of the series, which is an entire saga unto itself. [PUNIQGOOGLESNIPMIX-1

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Who did you end up making your waifu in the end? I was eager to romance Futaba ever since I saw a piece of concept art of her in like 2014. She's the dream. Glasses, red hair, super high socks and boots, the whole deal.

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