Napier Costume Jewelry From the 1920s and Early 1930s

Dating napier jewellery taking steroids for inflammation By Kate Miller-Wilson Jewelry Designer One of the most famous costume jewelry brands in fashion history, Napier jewelry graced the wrists, necks, and earlobes of movies stars like Marilyn Monroe and Grace Kelley. While most of the company's offerings were gold-plated or made of other metals like sterling silver, a few pieces were made of real gold. Real Gold Napier Is Rare Napier Jewelry is mostly known for its astounding array of lovely designs and striking styles instead of precious metals and gems, but according to Collectors Weekly , some pieces did include real gold. [PUNIQGOOGLESNIPMIX-1

At that time the company specialized in silver products, such as silver watch chains for men. Later, the company became Carpenter and Bliss, then the E. Bliss Company. In 1890 the company expanded and moved to Meriden, Connecticut.

Vintage Jewelry 1930's - 1960's fashion era

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Doris Day even endorsed two namesake lines from Napier. That just made her more determined to hunt down the real story of this forgotten brand. Lewis went on an 11-year quest exhaustively researching the company, interviewing a former president, Ron Meoni, as well as more than 50 former Napier employees. Bliss Company in 1878—and in Meriden, Connecticut—where the plant operated from 1890 to 1999. Jones New York bought the Napier name in 2000 and continues to produce jewelry under the brand.

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