Tell Somebody: 10 Surprising Signs You're Dating an Abusive Guy

Dating someone with domestic violence charges funny cat names for females Comments The guy I am calling Jimmy was trying to remember the first time he hit his girlfriend. You'd think the event would stick in his mind. But Jimmy was 18 at the time, and they'd been going out for three weeks when it happened, and they stayed together for nearly a decade, so there were quite a few candidates for the honour. a punch, throttlings, manhandling, times the cops had been called and times they hadn't, plus the night that led to three months in jail. Jimmy had it down to two possibilities. The first was either the time he slapped her, or the time he smeared blood in her face. [PUNIQGOOGLESNIPMIX-1

Domestic Violence The Frisky -- There are dealbreakers and then there are dealbreakers -- and a past history of domestic violence is a dealbreaker on a lot of people's list. After divorcing, "Ex-Abuser," as he signed his letter, entered therapy and said it helped him "understand my reasons for the abuse, and the effect it had on both my wife and our relationship. Trouble is, he hasn't told her about his past. Not only is he afraid his new girlfriend will ditch him if she knows, but his ex-wife is threatening to spill the beans herself.

How do you defend a domestic violence charge when it’s a “he said she said” situation?

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