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Derby porcelain pattern numbers dating alpha males reddit Many Derby patterns are instantly recognisable. Old Imari and Royal Antoinette are two that epitomise the Derby tradition. While a few have become very well known, the sheer volume of patterns that have been recorded is quite outstanding. The reason for this can be seen if we look at the Osmaston Road factory pattern books. These books record over 11,000 different designs dating back to 1878. [PUNIQGOOGLESNIPMIX-1

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The brightly coloured ware with its characteristic patterns and motifs reached Europe in the early 1700s and was soon copied by Miessen and other European porcelain makers. It is not surprising, therefore, that the ware produced at King Street was very similar in style and decoration to its predecessor. Ware produced at King Street included tableware tea, dinner and dessert services and finely decorated ornamental ware.

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Although there is a sketch, or description of a great number of patterns, many are indistinct or missing. Thus no complete pictorial reference of the 772 tea patterns, and the 408 plate exists. Most porcelain wares produced at the Nottingham Road factory during this period carry the standard Derby crown, cross batons with dots and letter D mark. The mark is usually coloured in puce and underneath there is often a pattern number.

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