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Elizabeth gillies age during victorious get laid fort wayne Offscreen, she's besties with her cast-mates did you know she co-starred in the Broadway musical 13 alongside Ariana Grande? Liz gave me the scoop on how she deals with real-life mean girls, her upcoming album and which celeb's closet she'd love to raid. HuffPost. What's it like playing Jade on Victorious? LG. It's wonderful. [PUNIQGOOGLESNIPMIX-1

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Actors Elizabeth Gillies Net Worth 2019, Bio, Age, Height Elizabeth Gillies is an actress from the United States of America who became a singer later, after noticing her talent while singing in some of her most famous shows. She is often called Liz Gillies and she started out on TV, doing small gigs and commercials. In 2017, she got a role in a famous series called Dynasty and she portrays the role of Fallon Carrington. This TV series is a soap opera, but it is a recreation of the previous version from the 1980s.

Victorious Real Age and Life Partners

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And it was a good time to be on Nickelodeon, as the 2000s were truly the golden age of the popular kids' network with its wacky sitcoms about young people. But starring on a major TV series by the age of 15, as Justice did, is no small feat and it certainly isn't easy. Thankfully Justice was rewarded for her efforts with a slew of kudos, like three Kids' Choice Awards nominations. While appearing on Victorious, Justice also stayed busy with a pop music career before going on to score some voice work and guest-star gigs.

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VICTORIOUS AVANT ET APRÈS 2019 (Victorious Série Télévisée)

Liz Gillies Left Her New Boyfriend Alone with Her Parents

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