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Fender acoustic guitar history eden celebs go dating daily mail The company's history is as colorful as the music made with its legendary products. The Leo Fender Years 1946-1965 In the 1940s, Southern California inventor Clarence Leonidas "Leo" Fender 1909-1991 realized that he could improve on the amplified hollow-body guitars of the day with an innovative and relatively simple solid-body electric guitar design. Further, he realized that he could streamline the process of building them. A born tinkerer, he opened Fender's Radio Service in the late 1930s as a small repair shop and retail outlet on Spadra Ave. His interest in the small amplifiers that local musicians brought to his shop to be repaired led to an interest in the guitars that were used with them. [PUNIQGOOGLESNIPMIX-1

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Epiphone Being in the acoustic guitar business with approximately 150 years, innovation has directed this acoustic guitar brand to provide steadily on the list of topmost acoustic guitars industry. Old designs are coveted and new models live up to the established title and reputation. And with a lifetime of assurance, you know these old timer beauties are built to last. In the beginning, they started as an independent musical instrument making company in 1873, in a part of the modern day Turkey, creating stringed musical instruments such as fiddles and lutes, by the year 1903 they relocated to the United States. In 1928 they rebranded the company and at that same year, they started making more popular stringed instruments.

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