How to Date your Fender Guitar by Serial Number

Fender stratocaster dating serial numbers number 1 online dating site {PREVIEW-1}Serial number identification and decoding August 2, 2013 How to date and identify your Fender instruments using serial numbers and production date stamps. No one likes it when you forget their birthday and neither does your Fender. Fender was sold to CBS in the first week of January 1965, but already in late 1964 mass production was slowly being introduced, which gradually lowered quality and ultimately collectibility. [PUNIQGOOGLESNIPMIX-1

The Fender numbers tell the story of the company over the years. Unfortunately, the serial number placement is sporadic and many ID numbers over lap between years and models. In many instances, there is no exact known date for a specific guitar. That is why I decided to write this article.

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Tips and How-To's So you need to figure out the year of production for your Fender guitar or bass. You're not alone.

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