What could Hong Kong's proposed changes to its extradition laws mean for foreigners?

Foreigners in hong kong craigslist chautauqua county apartments On June 12, thousands of people faced down riot police on the streets, after having earlier surrounded the legislature, and caused a halt to proceedings on the extradition bill. To be sure, accusations of a sinister foreign hand are nothing new in the CCP playbook as it made very similar accusations about the 2014 Umbrella Movement that occupied central Hong Kong for almost three months to try to effect electoral change. There is genuine concern among some CCP leaders of foreign support for public movements calling for overthrowing the government. Chinese still protest frequently , but those protests are isolated and limited to narrow or local causes. Foreign intervention is thus seen as the only factor that could power widespread dissent. [PUNIQGOOGLESNIPMIX-1

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Map. Hong Kong Hong Kong has vowed to push ahead with controversial changes to its extradition laws, which will allow wanted criminal suspects to be transferred to mainland China to face trial. But a number of foreign governments, including the United States, United Kingdom and Canada, have warned the new laws could threaten the territory's autonomy and status as an international business hub. So what exactly has been proposed, do foreigners need to be worried, and what does the Australian Government say?

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Hong Kong is famous for its skyline as well as its natural harbor. The population of Hong Kong is estimated at 7.

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In many ways Hong Kong is a tale of two passports. During the uncertain years before the Hong Kong handover, many Chinese Hong Kong citizens obtained British National Overseas passports or took up citizenship in the United States, Canada, Australia, and other Commonwealth nations as an insurance policy, should the communist takeover sink the city. Both children and parents retain strong cultural and familial links with their former home and often consider themselves equally Canadian, American, British, and so on and a Hong Konger.