100 Surprising Excuses Women Use to Reject Men

Good excuses to stop dating someone cristiano ronaldo dating now Let's cut women some slack before we continue. They are not evil or cruel if they reject a guy because they too have their standards. It's not that these excuses are all lies, it's just that they're too been there, done that. [PUNIQGOOGLESNIPMIX-1

good reasons to stop dating someone

There are a number of reasons why you might not want to go through with a date that has already been planned. You could have arranged it when you were under the influence of alcohol, and are seriously reconsidering a choice that seemed perfectly fine whilst drunk. In any of these situations, there is a creative excuse to match. The following list is predominantly aimed at getting you out of a date in advance of it happening. However, with a phone in hand and a friend given strict instructions to ring you halfway through, many of these could be adapted to a mid-date break out.

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how to end things with a guy you're not dating

By Candice Jalili Dec 27 2016 You and this guy have been on, like, four dates. It's not enough to merit a whole sit-down breakup deal, but you can't really just casually stop talking to him, either. You owe him something a little less than a breakup and a little more than a ghost. I like to think of it as a casual breakup. So how do you go about that?

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