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Indian population in jacksonville fl who is bradley cooper dating now Jax Daily Record Thursday, Feb. Director Rakesh Patel, a member of the family that owns the business, said once the permit is approved, construction would take three months to complete. It would be the fourth Patel Brothers store in the state. [PUNIQGOOGLESNIPMIX-1

People first arrived in what is now known as Florida more than 12 millenia ago. The land mass of Florida extended 100 miles farther into the Gulf of Mexico, and the climate was cooler and drier than today. Large mammals that are now extinct, such as mastodons, wooly mammoths, giant sloths and saber-toothed cats, roamed the arid grasslands, along with smaller animals such as deer and turtles. Few clues remain of these PaleoIndians, but thousands of their stone tools survive to demonstrate their ingenuity and creativity. Never staying in one place very long, they hunted large and small game and gathered edible plants.

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It also has the largest land mass of any city in the continental United States. Jacksonville is a port city in the northeastern Florida. It is the largest port in the south, and one of the largest ports in the nation.

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