Thoughts and Advice on Interracial Marriages

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This topic, which I have counseled numerous persons about, seems to be a growing option for American Muslims and undoubtedly a concern for many as well. The issues surrounding interracial marriages are indeed complex. Many Muslims who immigrated to the West have a hard time reconciling the idea of such potential unions which are perceived to threaten the possibility of their grandchildren losing their cultures and concerns over possible sons and daughters in laws and their families being unfamiliar and even disrespectful about their norms and mores. For African American Muslim women, who perhaps face the most daunting task out of any group of Muslim women in finding mates due to a shortage of single suitable African American Muslim men, compounded by the aversion to blackness that too many non-Black Muslims hold relating to standards of beauty, the pool of marriageable Muslims becomes even more decreased when African American Muslim men marry non-African American Muslim women or marry Christian women. Thus, the concerns that some Muslims hold relating to interracial marriages inside of our community should not all be chalked up as based in racial animus.

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Elders: End the Racism and Allow Your Children to Get Married!! - Omar Suleiman

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