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Jewish girl hair dating sites south west england How could a stylist not know the difference between thin and thick hair? The next year, when I went to a different stylist who said the very same thing, I realized that I am an idiot. I think it took so long for me to acknowledge this change because hair has always felt like such an integral part of my identity. It was hard to come to terms with the fact that after finally figuring out how to best treat my hair, I had to start all over again. Most women I know have spent a lot of time and money!!! [PUNIQGOOGLESNIPMIX-1

The buzz about Good Hair , Chris Rock's new documentary about Black hair, has got me thinking about "Jewish hair". what it is, what it means, and where I -- a straight-haired woman -- fit into this curious piece of Jewish identity. And while Jews are known to have a variety of haircolors, as well as levels of curliness, "Jewish hair" seems to refer to dark, curly, and often frizzy, hair. Up until that moment, sitting in a crowded upperclassmen dorm, I had never really thought about my hair as a part of my Jewish identity. With my light eyes and straight, brown hair, I found myself wondering if I "looked Jewish.

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By Jessica Klein Jews are notoriously hairy creatures. Jewish men and women alike lament their excess of body hair in college blogs and the Forward , plucking, waxing, and shaving away dark, thick locks when they appear beyond the scalp.

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But on a trip to Israel, I found people who celebrated kinky locks—theirs and mine. They carried with them their rave essentials—bongos, guitars, and a didgeridoo among them—but what struck me most was their hair. It kinked and coiled without reservation. Dreads hung down heavy like elephant trunks and commanded the same respect. Tumbleweed hair.