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Kotoura san episode list best online dating services in canada Her inability to distinguish between what people were thinking and saying eventually cost her many friends, made her a pariah at schools, likely contributed to her parents' divorce, and ultimately alienated her mother so much that she abandoned Kotoura to her grandfather. By high school Kotoura had become cynical and withdrawn, trudging through a lonely life as her abilities forced her to regularly change schools. Then she meets the lovable idiot Manabe, and her world changes. [PUNIQGOOGLESNIPMIX-1

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Enjoyment 5 Kotoura-san has the makings of an exceptional show. It has the ambition to be both an emotional drama and an uplifting comedy, to be an experience full of highs and lows to keep you engrossed to the end. It even has an intriguing premise providing a solid foundation for its narrative.

Kotoura san Episode 3 Subbed Full (HD) 琴浦さん!エピソード3フル下塗り

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kotoura san age rating

Kotoura-san - Prologue

Kotoura-san! Episode 9 Subbed Full (HD) 琴浦さん!エピソード5フル下塗り

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