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February 27, 2019 by. Sam Allberry A Cultural Difference Some time ago I was called by a ministry leader in America wanting to talk to a single pastor about a project he was considering on singleness. He wanted to talk to a pastor because he wanted to hear about how the issue of singleness plays out in the life of the local church, but he wanted to talk to a single pastor because he wanted a pastoral voice that itself knew what it was like to work through being single well into midlife. It was great to be able to talk, but it did raise a significant question. I was based in the UK, so how come he had to make an international call to talk to a single pastor? The fact is, single pastors are not much of an anomaly in the UK. I can think of many contemporary leaders who are single— Vaughan Roberts and Ed Shaw are two names that spring to mind that Americans might be familiar with, and there are many others I know.

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Have you ever considered how difficult it must be for them to nurture and care for the health of their marriage relationship when there are so many demands upon their time? Your pastors marriage is important, just like yours is. That is because not only do we care about their marriages, but so should you. And because we live in covenant with God, whatever concerns Him, should concern us.

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Article 03. And it is a stewardship entrusted to every pastor.