Steve Jobs? Yes! Michael Fassbender? Not So Much...

Michael fassbender agent contact dating kylie cheat codes Or his rugged handsomeness. Or his ability to humanize some of the darkest characters ever committed to film. Michael Fassbender has a gift that makes great directors want to line up for him. But what happens to the life of a private man when he always has to reveal himself? [PUNIQGOOGLESNIPMIX-1

What was the reason for all these duds, bombing at the box office one by one like a set of dominos falling? Perhaps audiences have got a little sick of seeing Fassbender turn up in every other film being shown at the theatre? In fact, if he is given the right material he can churn out an excellent performance like the ones seen in Hunger, Shame, Fish Tank and 12 Years a Slave, and Steve Jobs.

Michael Fassbender? Not So Much... Steve Jobs would make a wonderful subject. After all, if they can do a movie about Walt Disney with Tom Hanks playing Walt and one about MacDonald's hamburger mogul Ray Kroc with Michael Keaton playing Kroc , why not a movie about one of the greatest technological innovators of the last half-century?

Magneto Kills Shaw / Coin Scene - X-Men First Class (2011) Movie Clip

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