Is Your Partner Jealous Of Your Success?

My girlfriend is jealous of my success corey wayne the ultimate online dating profile article I have always been a person with low self esteem. I was brought up in a household in which my mother was a house-wife and there was a tumultous relationship between my father and mother. On occassions my father vent his frustrations by physically abusing my mother ,as my mother made derogatory remarks about my fathers personality,family and for being not masculine enough not sexually. This had been registered in my mind since my childhood and had made a big impression. [PUNIQGOOGLESNIPMIX-1

If you notice a pattern, tell him his little digs make you uncomfortable. He Discourages Your Ambition At any given time, you may have a running list of goals — personal, professional, fitness, maybe academic. Looking back through my journal from my 20s, it was evident that I was a lover of lists. Does he encourage you, or is he routinely pessimistic about your plans? If he criticizes your goal to, say, go back to graduate school or aim for a promotion at work, probe him further about why.


signs my girlfriend is jealous of me

Well, it sounds like you two are mirroring each other, making the same comments back and forth. She's competitive, but so are you. You are very much alike, which is a good thing, but in this case I can see how it can cause tension.

i m jealous of my girlfriends success

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How to Deal With A Jealous Partner

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