Comparative efficacy of non-sedating antihistamine updosing in patients with chronic urticaria

Non sedating antihistamine for hives scruff pro search Key Points There are many causes for urticaria, most are idiopathic or post viral. If urticaria occurs with swelling of the tongue or throat, difficulty breathing or low blood pressure, anaphylaxis should be suspected. Urgent administration of adrenaline and medical assessment is required. See Anaphylaxis. [PUNIQGOOGLESNIPMIX-1

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There are several options for treating urticaria. Avoiding known triggers Triggers. While it is often possible to determine the cause of acute urticaria — urticaria that lasts hours, days or a few weeks — the cause of chronic urticaria, which lasts longer than 6 weeks, and may last for months or years, is often unknown.

Antihistamines for Hives - Chronic Cholinergic Urticaria

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