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Phet radioactive dating game lab answer key trabalenguas dificiles mexicanos The Radioactive Dating Game introduces the concept of radioactive decay and its use in dating once-living and inanimate earth material. The demo simulates the radioactive decay of carbon-14 and uranium-238 into their respective daughter products. The demo is divided into four sections. Half-life. Use the Bucket o' Atoms to investigate the relationship between the decay of atoms and half-life Decay Rates. Watch nuclei decay and generate graphs of parent and daughter product amounts; determine the percentages of each product remaining after various half-lives Measurement. Determine which isotopes are best for measuring the ages of once-living and inanimate material trees and volcanic rocks and the starting points for radioactive decay; discern the long-term behavior of radioactive decay and how the amounts slowly change over large periods of time Dating Game. Measure the ages of a variety of once-living and man-made objects, fossils and rocks; determine the appropriate isotope to use for each object; the students manipulate a slider bar in order to estimate the percent of parent material remaining. This section emphasizes the use of radiometric dating in archaeology and earth history The lab packet provides an introduction and descriptions of the use of radiation in dating the earth and its material. [PUNIQGOOGLESNIPMIX-1

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Radioactive Dating Game

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PHET Radioactive Dating Game

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