What Does "Earliest Fill Date" On A Controlled Substance Prescription Mean?

Post dated prescription filled early christian mingle interracial dating When can I Fill this medication? Should I take this prescription to my pharmacy? It is very common that prescribing practitioners write "earliest fill date" on prescriptions, as it indicates to the dispensing pharmacy the appropriate day a controlled substance prescription should be filled, or at the very least, not filled before. [PUNIQGOOGLESNIPMIX-1

can i fill my adderall prescription early at a different pharmacy

GummiBear 11-12-11, 05.40 PM Is it legal for pdoc's to post date scripts? I think so. My doc was gonna do it once, too. And the RX had a "when to be filled" line on it.

The Anxiety Of Getting Your Prescription Refilled

early prescription refill laws

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