'Suicide Tourism' to Switzerland Doubled Within Four Years


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Like, I know Bollywood plays a major hand in it. But still, the number of Indian tourists you see in Switzerland is absurdly more than anywhere in Europe. PIN IT! I will go ahead and claim that there is ample racism in Switzerland. Moreover, do not tell me that there are far worse people than the Swiss when it comes to being racist jerks.

Cost of living in Geneva (Switzerland)

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Calling an administration office between midday and 1pm or 2pm, or 4pm. The Swiss like to eat their lunch early, compared to some other countries. So from midday for at least an hour, don't expect to be able to visit or call city administration offices, medical clinics or other public offices. Trying to buy lunch after 2pm.

The Italian Town That's Not in Italy (or the EU... kind of)

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