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Shawn mendes has a twin the best online dating profile Anonymous asked. could you please do werewolf! She grew fast, her stomach filling out completely, and Shawn wanted nothing more than to sit along side her, peppering her stomach witch kisses and whispering love to the two unborn beauties. He came in from the bathroom, body clad in deep red joggers as he crawled in bed beside her, placing a warm hand on her stomach and watching how his palm and fingers spread over the swell, barely covering the bump. He smiled, leaning on his elbow as he softly pulled his fingers around her belly, drawing soft patterns along the skin. [PUNIQGOOGLESNIPMIX-1

I hope you guys enjoy and happy reading! He finally had two months break and he was glad to be back home, living and breathing the air of Toronto yet again after months of being on the road. Sure Shawn loves being on tour, a lot, but he does need to recharge and relax once in a while.

Sean Cavaliere: Brings a Shawn Mendes Vibe To The Stage And The GIRLS Love Him - S1E3 - The Four

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