She blocked me out her life - any chance she'll come back?

She blocked me out of her life tall girl dating a shorter guy By james0887 , 5 years ago on Getting Back 21,40221. I was seeing a girl for only 2 months but the chemistry was spectacular. The physical side of things was amazing, she said that it had never felt that good for her before because it's more than just physical and really means something. She would say lovely things to me, like I'm the best guy she's ever met, that she cares so much for me, that she's never had somebody care for her or make her feel so loved and wanted before. Things were going amazing, she called me up one night just to tell me how amazing she thinks I am and that she's so glad I'm part of her life. [PUNIQGOOGLESNIPMIX-1

she blocked me on everything

I mean, there was a breakup. So, lets make this as simple as possible. Problem. You want her back and she shut you out. Clear enough? Yeah, step one is probably the easiest one.


ex completely cut me off

Pan Xiaozhen She cut you out of her life because she cannot be friends with you. She looked at you and her mind cannot register the words, platonic friends.

she blocked my number is it over

signs she cut me off

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