Afraid to Drive? You Are Not Alone

Terrified of driving alone how to ask for a number on a dating app Community Member March 8, 2010 There are some people who choose not to drive for various reasons including the high cost and maintenance of a car, living in a geographical area where it is more efficient and affordable to take the bus or subway, or even to protect the environment. But there are some people, like me, who don't drive because we are afraid to. One could definitely say that I have a driving phobia. There are people who are afraid to drive at night, over bridges or water, in heavy traffic, in the rain, or in the winter. Then there are those people like me who are afraid to drive under any conditions. [PUNIQGOOGLESNIPMIX-1

With this system, drivers are not allowed to be driving without another fully licensed driver in the vehicle for a certain period of time. This gives them the chance to get used to driving and know that they have an experienced driver with them if anything were to happen. For the first few weeks, or even months, after you are fully licensed, if you are still afraid of driving, try to take short trips with someone else in the vehicle with you. This person does not necessarily have to be another licensed driver, just someone to help keep you relaxed. Once you are more used to driving, you can start taking short trips by yourself, and in no time at all, you will have gotten over your fears, and you will not need to have someone with you whenever you go anywhere.

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What can I do to cure driving anxiety? Many people find that learning with the wrong person can prove an obstacle to motivation in getting back behind the wheel. Some other general tips include. Avoid caffeine and empty stomachs — cutting back your caffeinated drink intake can have a surprisingly positive effect on anxiety. As a known trigger, if you get anxious the best course of action is to cut it out altogether.

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Congratulations are in order. Anyone would agree that passing a driving test is not an easy feat. Even the best drivers in the world now, once struggled to get to grips with their car. You are all good to put what you have learned into practice without an invigilator or instructor looking out for you because you are supposed to be an independent driver. The problem is — Once you get into your car, you are suddenly very much alone.

Get rid of Driving Anxiety With 2 simple steps!