The 10 Best ‘It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia’ Episodes Of All Time

The dennis system cast fracture film review Charlie, Mac, Dennis, Frank and Dee are all, in their own way, batshit insane. In fact, two monumental Sunny milestones take place here. The first is that this is where the real Frank Reynolds begins to emerge. As it stands now, Frank is a pint-sized disaster human who loves prostitutes, sausage links and getting naked in the Philadelphia sewer system with Charlie, his possible son that he sleeps in the same bed with. [PUNIQGOOGLESNIPMIX-1

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If you're in the latter camp, then I pity you; over the past nine years, IASIP has consistently been the funniest, most gleefully transgressive sitcom on television. There's also Dennis and Dee's stepdad Frank Reynolds DeVito , and a huge revolving cast of dysfunctionals and deviants—along with a few upstanding citizens who share the distinct misfortune of stumbling into our protagonists' path. That's because The Gang, as they think of themselves, is the most singularly self-absorbed, permadrunk, delusionally idiotic group of people ever to grace the small screen and that includes Keeping Up With the Kardashians.

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Earlier this year when the long running FX series was renewed for two additional seasons, 14 total, it became the longest running live-action comedy series of all time. The closet live-action comedy series that comes close is Two and a Half Men, which lasted for twelve seasons while runners up include Cheers, Fraiser and Happy Days, which all lasted eleven seasons. Though the gang has had their share of misfires in each season, the show's quality is just as consistent as ever, as evident in the recent season 12 premiere. It's Always Sunny has proven to continually push the envelope, and it doesn't seem they're going to stop anytime soon. As long as fans will have us, FX will do it until we're taken off the planet by some alien force.

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